The sun is rising into a day of new ideas. I am going to my first ever TED – thats Technology Education Design – xDirigo event today. TEDx means that it is a franschise off of the Global TED concept. Dirigo is the Maine state motto, it’s on our flag and is Latin for ‘I Lead’.  {Google translate provides a more concise translation, so the Maine translation is derivative.}

I need a new channel for ideas. That makes today an experiment.   One of my five diagnosed strengths is Intellection.  The other four are Input, Strategic, Learner & Deliberative.  Left to themselves, they create a cluttered mind. It is only through deliberate, disciplined application that they transition from potential to strengths. My challenge today will be to absorb the ideas as presented, and later turn them into my own understanding & perspective. Start with listening to understand, UnDerStand & UNDERSTAND.

The selected theme for today’s event is Dissonance.  The selected OED definition is 1.1 Lack of agreement or harmony between people or things.  Which pretty much describes the current and intentional state of the nation during this four year election cycle. The primary definition – Lack of harmony among musical notes – reminds me of a Coke commercial jingle from years ago, “I’d like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony.”  But some of the best to better ideas come first from dissonance. Then common ground should be sought be sought – the third way is the way to truth.  Our current democracy has no third path – only winnner, losers and chronic dissonance.

First Twittered Impressions

Lasting Reflective Expressions

I took no notes, which is remarkable for me.  Normally, I’m either writing my notes or typing them into an iPad document. So the following is the best that I can do until the session videos are posted.    Not all presentations will be commented upon at this time.  The content and context fades rapidly without the support of notes.

Emi Kolawole + Amy Lazarus: How might we design a more inclusive and equitable world?

  • Reminds of The Hidden Brain by Shankar Vedamtam.
  • What is the name of the non triangle image.

Shay Stewart-Boulez – aka Black Girl in Maine.  Read powerful notes from a personal manifesto. I’ve read some of her work when it was published in the weekly Portland Phoenix.  I’m not sure if personal manifesto is an apt description.  Shay made the generational connection from the all to recent Jim Crow/Sharecropper suppression to the shadows that remain today. She puts authentic meaning to the Black Live Matters. Dignity with grace are human rights.  Her words are worth reading and making them our own.

Cinnamon Catlin-Legutko messages about museum curation philosophy also resonates while opening the mind and heart about conquest exhibits.

Further comments are reserved until the videos are reviewed to refresh reflections.


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