Rigged Elections

North Sydney, Cape Bretton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada

This flag flew over our RV on our September 2016 roadtrip. You can read more about that trip over on The Maine Forest Cafe.  The tongue in cheek reason for the trip was to scout out ‘move to Canada opportunities’ for after the US Presidential Election. Truth be told, we went into a news blackout and enjoyed the retreat into solitude and away from the nasty noise.

It is the general policy of Wicked Good HR to avoid posting on political topics.  However, presidential elections have national (and to a lesser/greater extent – international) signifance. This is separate from the legislative and to a lesser extent rule making issue advocacy.

The election, every election with forced false binary choices are rigged.  It starts before the primary cycle with declarations of intent.  Primaries are controlled by the two major parties. To win their parties nomination, candidates must win the support of the far fringe.  Once they have successfully conquered their foes, it is on to the general election.  Now the candidates abandon their far fringes and move to the center while perhaps even convincing potential voters to cross party lines.

Why is this rigged?  The party already in the center, primarily the Libertarian Party is intentionally neglected by the news media and the presidential debate commission.

During the conservative party primary, there were two tiers of debates – lead and lagging depending upon popularity polling.  (more on the flawed polling models later). The primaries and debates whittled the conservative candidate field down from a bunch to the one most fringe/insurrection candidate.

The liberal party primary was obviously deliberately rigged with a singular announced candidate. Having lost the primary eight years earlier to a junior senator/insurrection candidate, it was her turn to be coronated. An independent candidate changed his affiliation status to liberal and ran a nearly successful campaign before conceding to the inevitable. This had the effect of disillusionment from his supporters, who, in hindsight may not have shown up on Tuesday, November 8th.

Polling is a best guess model that uses an arcane blend of demographics stirred into a simmering cauldron of past results & likely voters, with the intention of determining, within a margin of error, which candidate is likely to win.  Notice the loopholes and exclusions.  This is similar to the process of insurance underwriting. The pollsters missed a large pool of likely voters.  This missed implicit bias skewed the projections.  The margin of error was huge. The map turned red at both the macro Electoral College level and micro state & county level.  See LANDSLIDE: Trump 306 Electoral Votes vs 232 Clinton Electoral Votes for a visual representation.  Conclusion, rigged by error-perhaps tainted with implicit liberal bias.

I watched the returns for awhile – PBS for broadcast news and NPR on Twitter for live results.  As the conservative candidate started ‘unexpectedly’ winning more than the polls suggested, the analysts were visible surprised and verbally stuttering while trying to grasp an explanation.  By the next morning – #TrumpIsOurPresident.

This wasn’t a squeaker, this wasn’t even close. It was a blowout. That’s a whole lot of deplorables. The voiceless had their day.

Full disclosure: I voted third party. My vote was not a vote against either candidate. It was a principled vote for third party.

So far there have been four days of protests against the election results. The liberals are vocal, verbal, and agitated.  Mostly peaceful is an excuse for not identifying the some unfortunate incidents of violence. This undermines the credibility of their candidate and the credibility of every liberal who does not condemn the violence.  Police officers and Trump supporters have been physically assaulted. There are disturbing reports of minorities and immigrants being assaulted.   This destruction is disturbing to say the least.  One possible intervention would be for Obama and Trump to issue a joint statement condemning the violence and advocating for calm.

Finally, this was a toggle/change election.  The American Political Pendulum swings left/liberal and right/conservative. Very few two term presidents have their legacy extend into a ‘third’ term.  The last two were President Reagan/Bush I (one & done), and President FDRoosevelt.  Until a third viable party/candidate can fill the political middle, America will always toggle between extremes.  And each election will always appear rigged to both extremes.

Be Calm America – Trump Is Our President.

And we are not moving to Canada.


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