The Shapes of Things to Come

Super Moon Reflection in Mudflats

The shape of things to come.  I’ve been working on several models of different things in HR.  Nearly every model involves a shape, grid or quadrant. The understanding of many models can be strengthen through one well selected and designed illustration. 

The first one will be the K=VxG grid to help guide us from Cognitive Dissonance to Cognitive Resonance.  Inspirations include Flow by Michael C and the safety severity v likelihood grid.  This one was finally improved through thinking about quadrants. The first model, which stumped me for a long time figuratively descended from Dissonance to Resonance. The path to better should be uplifting. Thinking about quadrants yielded the meaningful improvement opportunity. It will now be restated and released for further peer review and consideration. 

Triangles – face of tetrahedrons (Alexander Graham Bell inspiration).  Tetrahedrons are four sided equilateral triangles.  Four faces of time, value, and possibly Maslow’s hierarchy. The base stumped me as not all things are hieracrchal. Now, the base will become concentric – triangle within triangle within triangle.  

I tend to ruminate when I should be releasing versions 1.0. Everything can become renewed and improved.  The point is to thoughts along through practiced application. 

Stay tuned, it’s time to shape up!


Thank You!

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