Happy New Year

Welcome to 2017 – another rotation complete, the next rotation started.  The endless ending and beginning goes on. 

Resolutions without actions are only, at best, good intentions.  

My one good intention is to Be Better Daily. Hopefully, each day will add another incremental improvement towards BBD.  

Looking forward, there is a simple three step process to BBD.

 1: Calm the mind

2. Observer the mind.

3. Analyze the mind.

Owning the processes of the mind, accepting responsibility for our very own thoughts is essential for the incremental improvements possible through the BBD implementation. Our brilliant mind, left to itself, creates hell. We can create an authentic heavan through BBD by COA. (Calm, Observe, Analyze). 

Consider this thought. Our natural survival response starts with Denial.  Denial leads to a concept I’m calling the Friction of the Mind.  This Denial creates rriction.  Friction creates heat. Heat creates hell.  

And this is all in our mind. 

Welcome to 2017. 



Thank You!

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