I Grabbed My Wallet

Got Money?  Got A Wallet?  Are you at the ready to grab it and go or not go?

The most recent spin cycle is about an alleged called  boycott against LL Beans. This alleged boycott is because a Bean family member made a donation to the conservative presidential candidate.  The boycott may have been called by GrabYourWallet.com.  Here is their current/updated(?) statement on this issue.

L.L. Bean: Take Us Off ‘Grab Your Wallet’ Trump Boycott by Jason Claffey (Augusta Patch) – Note that LL Bean is neither listed as a place to boycott nor a place to shop on this site.

LL Bean, as a company, chooses to remain politically neutral. This alleged boycott was unfair and unnecessary.

Wow, I think.  Each citizen enjoys the right to freedom of speech and freedom to choose where to take their wallet or not.  LL Bean has been a legendary  Maine legacy since 1912. And it is also headquartered in my declared hometown. All of my outdoor gear is sourced there – kayak, backpack, hiking pack, hiking boots, clothing, a backpack tent, the list goes on.  There is a 2005 Subaru Forester – The LLBean edition in the garage.  The list goes on.  The only ‘outdoor’ gear not sourced there would be the 2008 Winnebago Destination Class A RV.

In addition to RV‘ing, we take Angus the LL Bean Moose with us on other travel adventures. These travels include England-Scotland-Wales, Hawaii-4x islands, Alaska, and many other to & fro places & spaces.

LLBean is more than just a place to shop. It’s flagship store and campus of stores is the center of the Freeport, Maine community. LL Bean sponsors many worthy community-centric events.

So, yes, I was a bit miffed about the kerfluffle, so grabbed my wallet and went shopping. As stated above, I have much of what I need so was unsure about what may or may not be bought. The flagship store is also running a sales incentive – spend $100 or more and take 25% off. Game On!  Saving while spending is always a great thing. My purchases included a pair of trekking poles and a pathfinder LED cap.

As always, freedom of speech & choice will be honored & respected without the commitment to agree ordisagree.

Here are a few more shots taken in and around the LL Bean flagship store and campus.



One thought on “I Grabbed My Wallet

  1. The hubs boycotted Papa John’s for a not dissimilar reason….My kids like it, though, so at least 1/3 of our household supports it.

    I haven’t boycotted LL Bean, or Papa John’s…but I’ve found better pizza elsewhere….:)

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