Thoughts For The Road

The following is an extract/intro to an Escapees magazine article. It was written by Kay Peterson #1, Escapees RV Club Co-founder and Director. The article itself was first published in March/April ’90.
You can take a ball of clay, a newspaper and a steak and simultaneously throw them on a campfire. 

The clay will harden, the newspaper will flare up and dissipate into ash, and the steak will cook into a meal.  Yet all have been exposed to the exact same situation.  

Given identical circumstances, some people become hard and bitter. Some come all apart and never “get it together” again.  And some turn the events of their lives into wonderful adventures. Vera Wilkins was an adventurer. She was a dreamer, too — a dreamer whose favorite song was “I Believe in Miracles.”


Vera the Dreamer, Vera the Adventurer and Vera the Doer lives on in my mind as a shining example. It isn’t what happened to you that counts, but rather what you do about it.



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