All Things Being Equal 

This is a hand drawn equilateral triangle. Three equal nine-inch lines joined with three equal sixty degree angles. (I couldn’t find my protractor – remember them?). This triangle is a useful visual model for presenting selected concepts.

For the purpose of this model, two interior lines have been added at three inch intervals. This changes the dynamic of all things being equal, but it does create interesting opportunities for analysis. 

TI – Tier 1 works out to occupy 55.55% of the surface area.

TII – Tier 2 works out to occupy 33.33% of the surface area.

TIII – Tier 3 works out to occupy 11.11% of the surface area.

Doing the math, this leaves 0.02% unaccounted for.  This accounts for the two boundary lines between the three tiers.  

So what can this mean.  For the purpose of this introductory model, consider the Declaration of Independence inalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  

55% of our time is consumed in Life supporting activities. That works out to be 13 hours 12 minutes of each day for sleeping, hygiene and other life sustains activities. 

The next 33%, nearly 8 hours is spent on Liberty activities. Sounds like a typical day of full time employment. 

The final 11%, 2 hours, 38 minutes is spent in the Pursuit of Happiness.   

This is the first presentation of the All Things Being Equal model of triangles. There are other applications.  For now, enjoy the concepts as authored by Thomas Jefferson in America’s Declaration of Independence.  

I am interested in your thoughts.  Please leave a compliment or comment. 



One thought on “All Things Being Equal 

  1. Curious as to where you would fit in combined activities such as exercise for a passionate runner……….. eating out for a food enthusiast…… or someone who’s job is their passion ………? I’m seeing more a linked triage of circles that form a rounded pyramid of sorts with areas that overlap vs your equilateral triangle.

Thank You!

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