Time Has Told

Well, it has been awhile. I took a hiatus to do some real reading, to refill the word well.  Looking back, I found myself trapped in Social Media hell, reading, writing and thinking in snippets of shallow, random and reactional thought.  My GoodReads reading quest for this year is a gentle 26 books. After less than two months, 9 have been completed.

Each book deepens the thought and word well.  The most recent three books was the His Dark Materials trilogy by Phillip Pullman.  The books are written towards the young adult genre, so yes, I read well below my age level for awhile. It was a good read, some amazing passages and I’m glad to have read them.

My writing through reading is returning. Some times it will be here on Wicked Good.  Other times it may be there on the Maine Forest Cafe.

One major change in the theme of this HR blog has been the silencing of political advocacy. Last year, a great deal of time was spent watchdogging the state level legislative process. That fire has simmered as of late. The current political discourse in the nation is predominantly toxic, adversarial and conflict rich. This is tiring.  I have done some advocacy, but the persistent & excessive streaking shrillness is literally the path to nowhere.  So, that content and context here in Wicked Good HR is now in serious stable stasis.

There are bigger ideas out there to read, reflect and write upon.   For the final word on the word well, consider reading Reading More in 2017.

As always, Stay Tuned.



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