An Authentic Job Report

This is mighty Zeus Ocean Storm, our beloved ten-year old yellow Labrador Retriever. His job is to strike adorable poses for my cameras. This one was taken pre-sunrise one Saturday morning.  The camera of choice was this iPad.  Side lighting provided a nice blend of contrasts from darkness to shadows to the blown out highlights between his eye.  This picture extends across the full dynamic range from absolute darkness to absolute light.

The various job reports target selected data, with no one report extending the full dynamic range from abolute unemployment, through fulltime employment, and end with reporting over employment.

Starting with the US Census Bureau, there are 324, 727, 241 humans in existense. This is a dynamic number with the current number increasing by one every one birth, one death & one international migrant. That’s a lot of us to parse and tease out the devilish details.  There are other reports of possible interest available, i.e. Economic data.  Those will be saved for deeper dives late on.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is another potential resource. The right sidebar Latest Numbers has a link to Payroll Employment. Selecting this opportunity takes us to an Economic News Release titled Employment Situation.

February data follows.

7.5 million unemployed. Within this group, 1.8 million are considered to be long term unemployed.

The civilian labor force participation rate is at 63%.

There are 7.5 million partially employed. Whether this is voluntary or involuntary is uncertain.

1.7 million are marginally attached to the workforce.  They have not actively sought employment over the past twelve months and are not counted in reported unemployment numbers.

Table A-1. Employment status of the civilian population by sex and age further parses the data.

  • Civilian noninsitutionalized workforce: 252 million.
  • 158 million in the civilian workforce (does this mean there are 94 million in the non-civilian workforce?)

Census data of 323 million minus 252 noninistutionalized = 72 million not in the workforce. These would be the children, the nonworking spouse, the retired, the working under the table and the institutionalize.

The BLS has certainly met the challenge of reporting the data across an extensive dynamic range.  The Census Bureau is piloting a J2J  – Job to Job – report.  This would be the churnover in the workforce as employees leave on job to go to their next best opportunity.

One final bit of data is within the BLS report – Table B-2. Average weekly hours and overtime of all employees on private nonfarm payrolls by industry sector, seasonally adjusted. Overtime can also be called overemployment. When there are not enough jobs within a business or there are not enough available workers to fill available jobs, then the job either gets done by those available, or doesn’t get done at all.

Zeus OS is fully employed, enjoying his treat filled love and affection with his human caregivers. If the weather is good tomorrow, he wants to take me for a walk, or go for a ride, or anything else for a treat.



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