On Writing 

The mysterious art of writing is either dying or enjoying a renaissance. But this is not the long hand writing you may have done in high school, especially if you graduated in the 1970s. Long hand writing is dead. Long live the electric typewriter, computer keyboard, WordPerfect & now paperless smart devices. 

Anyone with a smart device and WordPress account can now be a writer.  Having the tools does not make a good writer.  Any more than a table saw & a hammer makes a good carpenter.  But there are some models worth following & practicing that may hone your skills. 

One model is presented by Laurie Ruettimann in her blog titled How to Write a Great HR Blog.  Laurie is a well known & respected HR Blogger, author & thought leader. The term HR can be substituted by your passion. 

In my case, on my other blog – the Maine Forest Cafe – you may find me infrequently writing on traveling, our RV, or other superficial brain dumps influenced by the Post of the Day

Back in the day, I taught business writing at the Air Force Senior NCO Academy. The five paragraph model is similar to Laurie’s excellently presented expert advice. 

That template is as follows. 

Paragraph 1. Introductory sentence that hooks the reader.  TPOTPIT = The purpose of this paper is to make you think of something. Hook – why you should read it.  The three main points will be this, that and something else. Transition. 

Paragraphs 2 – 4 are the three main points. Topic sentence. How it relates to the hook. Cite a source that agrees with your purpose. Clarify statement that states your own original (or thinly plagiarize thought). Transition.  

Paragraph 5 Summarize the main points.  Relate the main points to your purpose. And end with the answering the hook.

Back in the days, you had two pages, 500 words and the Times New Roman font at 10.  Computer savvy and verbose writers would condense/tighten the font and tinker with the line spacing.  Points were given for crafty manipulation of available technology. 

The more successful students would accept peer reviews and advise.   Then I had to grade it.  Over the course of several years, and limited library resources, I pretty much read most available topics from similar perspectives. Not only that, could detect plagiarized sources.  This eventually stalled me on my own writing 

The challenge that lies ahead is to escape from the 140 character twitter blast, the me too shared facebook post.  Take the time to read, think and state what is on your mind.  Overtime, and with sustained practice, you too can become a successful blogger.

What are you waiting for?



One thought on “On Writing 

  1. I spent almost 10 years doing marketing writing. Then it took me about 10 years to get that out of my system. Not that it isn’t a a good skill to have, but I no longer want to sound like a sales pitch. I’m enjoying my blog very much, and am writing about things I’ve always wanted to write about.

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