Business Library Cleansing 

Are you more of book collector, a consumer or connesiour?  Either way, I’ll bet you have a pile of books that you are going to get to someday or another.  This past weekend, I emptied out most of my business bookshelf.  The books were donated to Goodwill and I hope that they all find good homes.   Pretty much every book that you see has been read.  Most exactly once.  Some exactly never.  

They are all good books, were good reads, and written by good authors.  Not every book took that one way trip. Some were saved, usually for sentimental reasons.  

I’ve been looking down this path for awhile. See on Reading More in 2017 over on my Maine Forest Cafe blog. 

This picture was first posted on my occasional Instagram.  One of the first respondents challenged me to describe effective v ineffective business books. Intriguing inspiration.  But I’ve never been in the habit of writing critically acclaimed book reviews.  (There are some, very few, that I have endorsed.) 

Some books teach us what to do, others guide or influence, and some should never have been written in the first place.   That’s as good as it gets.  Business books tell us what to do and what the results will be.  A fairly declarative intent.  Only you will know for sure when you get to the last & final page. 

But what about the why?  The why is always the business bottom line.  A shallow why of numbing numbers. Better books teach us the why of the people. Empathy comes from better reading. 

This was more of genre redirection. Not to mention the first phase in decluttering my study.  The next genre of sustained interest will be the humanities. Is that even a genre?  Maybe the old, new and to become – The Classics.  

The far right of my bookshelf, beyond view, is three shelves of the Havard Five Foot Shelf of Books

The Five-Foot Shelf, with its introductions, notes, guides to reading, and exhaustive indexes, may claim to constitute a reading course unparalleled in comprehensiveness and authority.— Notes on the Lectures by William Allan Neilson

What is on your reading list?  Do you have piles of unrealized intentions cluttering and clogging precious physical and intellectual space?  How many books are on your someday stack? 

This genre redirection starts with a reading Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig.  Early in the first several pages, he mentions that the road trip that he and friends are in is a Chautauqua. This looks like a worth entry portal into this genre redirection.  

Now, about all that all that other visual clutter…..



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