Get A Handle On It

By the end of the week, develop some pithy introduction. This week’s live work blog~an experiment. 

Monday:  The alarm was not set, got up 15 minutes later anyways.  Forgot that I wore my safety shoes home on Friday, thus I am now here at work sans required safety equipment.  Thus, I will remain safely sequestered in my office for the day.  Now it’s time to put together the weekend injury report.    

And now for the weekend injury report. One torn pec muscle and one biking accident that includes broken ribs, collapsed lung & skull fracture/concussion. 

How excellence erodes towards mediocrity. “Just this once”, becomes next time’s “It was okay last time.”

It’s time to stick my head back into the uniPoint oven.  Doubt it will stick, but any tool is only worth the value of time spent learning to use it efficiently. Unipoint is a safety mamagement system.  



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