The other day, I was waiting by Portland Harbor. I had my camera with me. Truth be told, been there before and all the same stuff was there & typical stuff was going on. Then osprey from a nearby nest decided to put on a show.





Soaring & swooping in circles. Coming nearer, then going further. Coming closer, directly towards me, here comes the money shoot and then stuff got goofy.  The osprey soared off toward the upper harbor.  It was only when reviewing the picture on the camera that the seagull photobomb was discovered.

The same thing happens every day at work.  We get into the flow of work, positive progress looks promising and then BAM! The unexpected happens and the rhythm is derailed.  Your response to unexpected defines you.  The natural human defensive instincts of denial, shame & blame kick in. Unless we pause to let the surprise wash over and wash through.   Take that cleansing breath. Get your problem solving on & get on with it. Make a thing of near beauty with the opportunity.

There will be, and was, other osprey pictures to be taken.





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