The P Continuum

Bridges take us from one side to the other side. From the past to future to the rainbow. To become competent in our jobs, many bridges were crossed. Some bridges were intuitive. Other bridges required thought, trial & error before success. Bridges, like books, have beginnings, a middle and then The End. It’s time to write my book, maybe only for myself. The preliminary macro outline follows.

The Preamble will be the Philosophy to be explored and explained. This section is the declaration of intent. EOD defines philosophy as follows: the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge and existence.

One of the best examples of philosophical declaration of intent the the preamble to the US Declaration of Independence. From Wiki, Preamble: Outlines a general philosophy of government that justifies revolution of government when government harms natural rights.

The Preamble/Philosophy element will be followed by a Purpose statement. Each chapter will have a purpose statement followed by the Policy statement.

Procedures follow policy and sets the rules and steps for repetitive tasks. Stating these rules provides stability.

Not every instance will be covered by a procedure so Practices naturally evolve to fill the void. Practices represent procedural continuous improvement opportunities.

Precedents are the final element in the P continuum. These are the extreme one-offs that overtime may evolve towards practices.

Thus it begins.

(C) 2018 WickedGoodHR



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