It’s only a matter of time

This falling, but not yet fallen tree, is on our daily commute home route. Last October, Maine had a sudden and violent wind storm with both immediate and lasting impact. The immediate impact was that most of the state lost electrical power. Trees were falling everywhere. Roads were closing left and right. For awhile, there was no way out of town. Eventually, we made it to work. The next week was spent living with the roar of the emergency generator. Restoration timeline uncertainty created collective and community angst. Eventually all got better, but months later, hazards remain.

This tree is an example of lasting impact. It will fall sometime or another. There are many more trees like this in the woods and along major roads. When this one finally falls, it will be block a state road for awhile. When it does, hopefully no one will get hurt. Why are visual and lingering hazards allowed to persist without resolution? What can we individually do about the seen and hidden hazards in our life? The best suggestion is resiliency.

Resilience, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

There are four supporting cornerstones that support resiliency. They are Character, Physical, Financial and Emotional. Careful, deliberate and sustained attention to these cornerstones will help you develop the toughness needed to not only survive, but to thrive in the face of always uncertainty.

Character: As individuals, we have shared and distinctive mental and moral qualities.

Physical: How is your true physical condition. Eat well, exercise often, both stamina and strength.

Financial: What is the health of your personal economy? Paycheck to paycheck, beyond your means, below your means, adequate reserves for the next bout of uncertainty.

Emotional: Are you reactive or responsive to your circumstances, moods, and relations with others.



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