Friction of the Mind: Part I

These two brains sit on the creative desk in my sanctuary.  The one on the right is vendor swag from some HR convention. The one on the left is a Halloween  prop. 

Over on my other blog – Maine Forest Cafe – I recently posted on The Hidden Brain which spoke to the two minds, not much different between the two brains presented here.  One mind is our unconscious mind, the other being our conscious mind. The unconscious mind is the operating system.  The conscious mind represents our thoughts, dreams and screams.

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All Things Being Equal 

This is a hand drawn equilateral triangle. Three equal nine-inch lines joined with three equal sixty degree angles. (I couldn’t find my protractor – remember them?). This triangle is a useful visual model for presenting selected concepts.

For the purpose of this model, two interior lines have been added at three inch intervals. This changes the dynamic of all things being equal, but it does create interesting opportunities for analysis. 

TI – Tier 1 works out to occupy 55.55% of the surface area.

TII – Tier 2 works out to occupy 33.33% of the surface area.

TIII – Tier 3 works out to occupy 11.11% of the surface area.

Doing the math, this leaves 0.02% unaccounted for.  This accounts for the two boundary lines between the three tiers.  

So what can this mean.  For the purpose of this introductory model, consider the Declaration of Independence inalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  

55% of our time is consumed in Life supporting activities. That works out to be 13 hours 12 minutes of each day for sleeping, hygiene and other life sustains activities. 

The next 33%, nearly 8 hours is spent on Liberty activities. Sounds like a typical day of full time employment. 

The final 11%, 2 hours, 38 minutes is spent in the Pursuit of Happiness.   

This is the first presentation of the All Things Being Equal model of triangles. There are other applications.  For now, enjoy the concepts as authored by Thomas Jefferson in America’s Declaration of Independence.  

I am interested in your thoughts.  Please leave a compliment or comment. 


Thoughts For The Road

The following is an extract/intro to an Escapees magazine article. It was written by Kay Peterson #1, Escapees RV Club Co-founder and Director. The article itself was first published in March/April ’90.
You can take a ball of clay, a newspaper and a steak and simultaneously throw them on a campfire. 

The clay will harden, the newspaper will flare up and dissipate into ash, and the steak will cook into a meal.  Yet all have been exposed to the exact same situation.  

Given identical circumstances, some people become hard and bitter. Some come all apart and never “get it together” again.  And some turn the events of their lives into wonderful adventures. Vera Wilkins was an adventurer. She was a dreamer, too — a dreamer whose favorite song was “I Believe in Miracles.”


Vera the Dreamer, Vera the Adventurer and Vera the Doer lives on in my mind as a shining example. It isn’t what happened to you that counts, but rather what you do about it.


I Grabbed My Wallet

Got Money?  Got A Wallet?  Are you at the ready to grab it and go or not go?

The most recent spin cycle is about an alleged called  boycott against LL Beans. This alleged boycott is because a Bean family member made a donation to the conservative presidential candidate.  The boycott may have been called by  Here is their current/updated(?) statement on this issue.

L.L. Bean: Take Us Off ‘Grab Your Wallet’ Trump Boycott by Jason Claffey (Augusta Patch) – Note that LL Bean is neither listed as a place to boycott nor a place to shop on this site.

LL Bean, as a company, chooses to remain politically neutral. This alleged boycott was unfair and unnecessary.

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Happy New Year

Welcome to 2017 – another rotation complete, the next rotation started.  The endless ending and beginning goes on. 

Resolutions without actions are only, at best, good intentions.  

My one good intention is to Be Better Daily. Hopefully, each day will add another incremental improvement towards BBD.  

Looking forward, there is a simple three step process to BBD.

 1: Calm the mind

2. Observer the mind.

3. Analyze the mind.

Owning the processes of the mind, accepting responsibility for our very own thoughts is essential for the incremental improvements possible through the BBD implementation. Our brilliant mind, left to itself, creates hell. We can create an authentic heavan through BBD by COA. (Calm, Observe, Analyze). 

Consider this thought. Our natural survival response starts with Denial.  Denial leads to a concept I’m calling the Friction of the Mind.  This Denial creates rriction.  Friction creates heat. Heat creates hell.  

And this is all in our mind. 

Welcome to 2017. 


The Pursuit of Happiness 

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, the core of American Declaration of Independence.  A worthy, universal and shared/selfevident truth.  But how does one know when one is happy.  What does one need to do to not only grasp, but hold onto to this brasss ring?  Some days feel like the drudgery of one groundhog day lived after another until we finally, maybe get it right. Remember the movie Ground Hog Day, starring Bill Murray?

Phil: Well, what if there is no tomorrow? There wasn’t one today.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi writes on a path to happiness in his book Finding Flow.  Flow is the optimum path from cognitive dissonance to cognitive resonance. Or in simpler terms, from being sad to being happy. Worth watching is  Mihaly’s TEDTalk on Flow, the Secret to Happiness.

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The Shapes of Things to Come

Super Moon Reflection in Mudflats

The shape of things to come.  I’ve been working on several models of different things in HR.  Nearly every model involves a shape, grid or quadrant. The understanding of many models can be strengthen through one well selected and designed illustration. 

The first one will be the K=VxG grid to help guide us from Cognitive Dissonance to Cognitive Resonance.  Inspirations include Flow by Michael C and the safety severity v likelihood grid.  This one was finally improved through thinking about quadrants. The first model, which stumped me for a long time figuratively descended from Dissonance to Resonance. The path to better should be uplifting. Thinking about quadrants yielded the meaningful improvement opportunity. It will now be restated and released for further peer review and consideration. 

Triangles – face of tetrahedrons (Alexander Graham Bell inspiration).  Tetrahedrons are four sided equilateral triangles.  Four faces of time, value, and possibly Maslow’s hierarchy. The base stumped me as not all things are hieracrchal. Now, the base will become concentric – triangle within triangle within triangle.  

I tend to ruminate when I should be releasing versions 1.0. Everything can become renewed and improved.  The point is to thoughts along through practiced application. 

Stay tuned, it’s time to shape up!

Rigged Elections

North Sydney, Cape Bretton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada

This flag flew over our RV on our September 2016 roadtrip. You can read more about that trip over on The Maine Forest Cafe.  The tongue in cheek reason for the trip was to scout out ‘move to Canada opportunities’ for after the US Presidential Election. Truth be told, we went into a news blackout and enjoyed the retreat into solitude and away from the nasty noise.

It is the general policy of Wicked Good HR to avoid posting on political topics.  However, presidential elections have national (and to a lesser/greater extent – international) signifance. This is separate from the legislative and to a lesser extent rule making issue advocacy.

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