2017.001 Legislative Alert

By law, if you are unemployed and want to claim unemployment insurance benefits, the you must be actively involved in seeking replacement employment. This is the law of the land, makes absolute sense, and is an essential element in claiming unemployment insurance benefits. This law of the land has proven to be effective for decades. 

But now, there is LD 962. An Act Regarding Unemployment Compensation for Workers Involved in Certain Seasonal Occupations

SUMMARY. This bill amends the unemployment compensation laws to provide that an individual who works in the construction industry, has worked for at least 20 weeks in the 12 months prior to making a claim for benefits and has a date to return to work for a previous employer is not required to engage in work search efforts. It also provides that an individual who works in the logging industry is not required to engage in work search efforts from April 1st to June 1st.

LD 692 is on the LCRED agenda for its first hearing on Monday, March 27, 2017

This is a bad idea and erodes the core intent of uneployment insurance – LOOK FOR REPLACMENT EMPLOYMENT. 

Maine’s economy, like most other states, has sectors of seasonal employment. To carve out one or two sectors, and during a period of low unemployment, may have the unintended effect of disrupting continued overall economic growth. 

This bill deserves an Ought Not To Pass. 

Please contact the LCRED committee and your legislat0rs.  


The End of an Error

May 27, 2014

Interstate 295, 95 speed limits increasing

The Maine Department of Transportation increased the speed limit from 65 mph to 70 mph on I-295 north of Tukey’s Bridge in Portland to mile marker 51 in Gardiner, which is most of the highway.

Crashes rise along with speed limit on I-295 north of Portland

The number of traffic accidents on Interstate 295 between Falmouth and Gardiner jumped nearly 32 percent in 2015 compared with 2013, the last year before the speed limit was increased to 70 mph.

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An Authentic Job Report

This is mighty Zeus Ocean Storm, our beloved ten-year old yellow Labrador Retriever. His job is to strike adorable poses for my cameras. This one was taken pre-sunrise one Saturday morning.  The camera of choice was this iPad.  Side lighting provided a nice blend of contrasts from darkness to shadows to the blown out highlights between his eye.  This picture extends across the full dynamic range from absolute darkness to absolute light.

The various job reports target selected data, with no one report extending the full dynamic range from abolute unemployment, through fulltime employment, and end with reporting over employment.

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Sitting to think of what to write will only set your ass on fire, give you headache, twist your face to look stupid, instead, walk around with a blank mind and something from somewhere will fill it up.

Michael Bassey Johnson
Capture fleeting thoughts to avoid the excuse of I’ll remember that & we never do.   There was one great inspiration yesterday. I even remember where the now lost thought occurred.  Maybe if/when I go there today, I should look around for a moment to see if I can find it.  

Later – well I looked for it, wasn’t there anymore. I did better at taking notes from the random scream of consciousness.  Time to see what leaks out of the fingers, to the keyboard and released to the wild wild yonder.  


Are you tired yet?  Seems like your head hit the pillow and the alarm jangles you out of peaceful repose?  Or was the night spent with the demons of yesterday, today and tomorrow?

Sleep. Popular guidance ranges from recommending 6-7-8 hours per night.  That’s up to a third of each and every day.  Another way to look at it, 122 days per year.  For every 40 years of life, ten are spent asleep.

Any less, then you may not be okay to drive.  Depending on your level of grumpiness, you may not be okay to be around other people.  But, if you are reading this, then there is a reasonable sound chance that you are in Human Resources. IF not in HR, then you still are a human resource. People avoidance is not a recommendation for professional success.

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I’m tired of the hatred.  

You had such promise.  

My life will be better without your vile filled intrusion. 


Confession- after last weekend’s guided Birds & Brew tour….I posted some great eagle pictures and a quickly cobbled together video.  It was worth sharing.  Here’s one now.


Friction of the Mind: Part I

These two brains sit on the creative desk in my sanctuary.  The one on the right is vendor swag from some HR convention. The one on the left is a Halloween  prop. 

Over on my other blog – Maine Forest Cafe – I recently posted on The Hidden Brain which spoke to the two minds, not much different between the two brains presented here.  One mind is our unconscious mind, the other being our conscious mind. The unconscious mind is the operating system.  The conscious mind represents our thoughts, dreams and screams.

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All Things Being Equal 

This is a hand drawn equilateral triangle. Three equal nine-inch lines joined with three equal sixty degree angles. (I couldn’t find my protractor – remember them?). This triangle is a useful visual model for presenting selected concepts.

For the purpose of this model, two interior lines have been added at three inch intervals. This changes the dynamic of all things being equal, but it does create interesting opportunities for analysis. 

TI – Tier 1 works out to occupy 55.55% of the surface area.

TII – Tier 2 works out to occupy 33.33% of the surface area.

TIII – Tier 3 works out to occupy 11.11% of the surface area.

Doing the math, this leaves 0.02% unaccounted for.  This accounts for the two boundary lines between the three tiers.  

So what can this mean.  For the purpose of this introductory model, consider the Declaration of Independence inalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  

55% of our time is consumed in Life supporting activities. That works out to be 13 hours 12 minutes of each day for sleeping, hygiene and other life sustains activities. 

The next 33%, nearly 8 hours is spent on Liberty activities. Sounds like a typical day of full time employment. 

The final 11%, 2 hours, 38 minutes is spent in the Pursuit of Happiness.   

This is the first presentation of the All Things Being Equal model of triangles. There are other applications.  For now, enjoy the concepts as authored by Thomas Jefferson in America’s Declaration of Independence.  

I am interested in your thoughts.  Please leave a compliment or comment. 


Thoughts For The Road

The following is an extract/intro to an Escapees magazine article. It was written by Kay Peterson #1, Escapees RV Club Co-founder and Director. The article itself was first published in March/April ’90.
You can take a ball of clay, a newspaper and a steak and simultaneously throw them on a campfire. 

The clay will harden, the newspaper will flare up and dissipate into ash, and the steak will cook into a meal.  Yet all have been exposed to the exact same situation.  

Given identical circumstances, some people become hard and bitter. Some come all apart and never “get it together” again.  And some turn the events of their lives into wonderful adventures. Vera Wilkins was an adventurer. She was a dreamer, too — a dreamer whose favorite song was “I Believe in Miracles.”


Vera the Dreamer, Vera the Adventurer and Vera the Doer lives on in my mind as a shining example. It isn’t what happened to you that counts, but rather what you do about it.